St. Marys Orthodox Church, Puttady. The church was sacrificed in the name of virgin Mary on  January 15th 1964. The people from all parts of Kerala, especially the Syrian  Christians from kottayam district have started colonizing highrange area at  that time. These people settled In Puttady region and they established a church  which is functioning with the blessings of Parettu Mar Ivanios Metropolitan.  At present there are 95 families in this parish.




St.Gregorios of Parumla.The first Saint in Malankara Orthodox Church.


St Gregorios of Parumala. Parumala Kochu Thirumeni, the first saint of Malankara Sabha- who is the saint of the 20th century, the power generator for the devotees, and a refuge for millions of dependents, and a model even to the great leaders. The Saint was born on 15th June 1848 in the famous Chaturuthi family at Mulanthuruthi in Cochin. God Presented this flower to the Malankara Orthodox Church. The Saint's Holy Relics entombed in Carmel Kurisumala-Puttady.


Carmel mala is fondly known as the Parumala of High Range, thousands of pilgrims visit the Shrine throughout the year, praying to St. Gregorios for various needs and thanking him for the favors received through his intercession. Tradition recounts that a  wooden cross was found on the Carmel hill long ago and ever since Carmel mala became the most important destination of Gregorian pilgrims in Highrange.The crowds of pilgrims are coming here regardless of creeds and languages.



Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and our saint Parumala Mar Gregorios.

I am extremely happy to address you all through this website. It is my pleasure and privilege to write about the Pilgrim center of the East or Parumala of High range and its blessings throughout our life..

Let us give thanks to the Lord and to the prayers of Parumala Thirumeni for helping us to enter into the Carmel Feast....Read More--->>